Word: Rep. Bearden's sweet Carrollton consulting gig

Don't screw with Toys for Tots

Carrollton political circles are abuzz with news that state Rep. Tim Bearden, R-Douglasville, has been paid nearly $93,000 since October 2005 to consult for the city. No records of Bearden's work exist, however.

“If the blogger wants to make a case out of having a job in these economic times — okay, I’m guilty.”

— Bearden told the AJC on June 15, in reference to at the Carrollton blogger who broke the news .

"The end result of the work Bearden did sometimes is not necessarily a memorandum, or a complicated report, but it is in the minds of our children, our citizens and our community."

— Carrollton Mayor Wayne Garner wrote in an "open letter" stating that Bearden assisted with Toys for Tots drives, police training, and matters "not open for public disclosure."

“Toys for Tots has no record of contributions, or support ever being received from Wayne Garner ... or Tim Bearden.”

— Carrollton area Toys for Tots organizer Carlis Baker in June 29 Carrollton Times-Georgian article.

(Photo by Joeff Davis)