Word: Georgia lawmakers no likey Obamacare

We are poised on a slippery slope if we allow the government's hand in our pockets and voice in our doctor's office'

State lawmakers have chimed in on Congress' proposals to provide Americans greater access to affordable health insurance. In addition to Gov. Sonny Perdue's request for the state attorney general to investigate the federal bill, state lawmakers are flipping President Barack Obama's legislative priority the proverbial middle finger.

"We are poised on a slippery slope if we allow the government’s hand in our pockets and voice in our doctor’s office. By taking the necessary measures, we will prevent Georgians from being forced to spend their hard earned money on government ordered health care."

— State Sen. Seth Harp, R-Midland, in a Jan. 13 press release

"The time has come for us, as citizens and Georgia as a sovereign state, to stand up to the federal government and stop these mandates that trample individual rights. We, as elected representatives must do what we can to ensure these basic rights for the citizens of Georgia."

— State Sen. Judson Hill, R-Marietta, in a Dec. 1, 2009 press release

"Are you now willing to say enough is enough? Or are you content to sit aside and watch your rights being stripped from you, one by one, without saying a word? The choice is yours."

— State Rep. Calvin Hill, R-Canton, in a Dec. 4, 2009 press release