Film Clips: This week's movie openings January 13 2010


THE BOOK OF ELI (R ) 2 stars In a post-literate American wasteland, a savage town’s vicious leader named Carnegie (Gary Oldman, channeling the likes of Bruce Dern and Dean Stockwell) pursues drifter Eli (reliably stalwart Denzel Washington) for his mysterious book. It’s stylishly directed by the Hughes brothers, so think Menace II Post-Apocalyptic Society. — Curt Holman

CRAZY HEART (R ) 3 stars Crazy Heart covers well-worked ground as a redemption drama about a down-and-out artist who finds a new start thanks to the love of a good woman. Bridges taps his innate, laid-back charisma as Bad Blake so effectively it's easy to overlook the film's recycled material, at least until the last act. — Holman

HOODWINKED TOO! HOOD VS. EVIL (PG) A wacky twist on the classic Little Red Riding Hood. With "Heroes" star Hayden Panettiere playing Ms. Red herself, there won't be room for the typical "damsel in distress" business.