The Blotter January 29 2009

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[image-1]HANGING ON THE TELEPHONE: A 36-year-old man said he returned to his apartment and noticed that someone had kissed his door seven times. “This was known as the perpetrator was wearing lipstick at the time and the lip prints were clearly visible on the door,” an officer wrote. “The victim had photographed the lip prints using his cellular phone and displayed the picture for me.” The man said seven days later, he started getting lots of calls from a private number. He said he answered one call and a male voice asked over and over: “Do you want to suck my dick?” Five days later, more calls came from the private number. The man said he answered a call and a male voice repeated, “Do you want to suck my dick?” The man said the caller appears to be disguising his voice and has a possible Middle Eastern accent. The man has no idea who is making the obscene calls.

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