Don't Panic!: What sparked the humanitarian crisis in the Kyrgyz Republic?

I've always had a special place in my heart for the Kyrgyz Republic.

Landlocked and surrounded by four extraordinarily boring countries, Kyrgyz Republic (commonly known as Kyrgyzstan) has, in my opinion, the least appealing location of any country of any country on the globe. I suppose you could argue Poland has a worse location because it’s pinned between two historically violent superpower rivals (Russia and Germany). But at least Poles can get in their cars and drive to cool places like Prague, Vienna or Budapest. Get in a car in Kyrgyzstan and drive for 12 hours and you’ll find yourself in remote western China, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, or Uzbekistan. Podunkistans, all.

The Kyrgyz people have made a valiant effort to improve their lot. Despite general poverty, they have near universal literacy. It’s always fun to read about how poor you are. The Kyrgyz also use two of their most abundant edible natural resources, millet and horse milk, to make popular alcoholic beverages. Like I always say, when life serves you horse milk, make horse milkade.

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My favorite foreign policy column cliché of the previous decade is, without a doubt, the Friedman Unit.

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The last U.S. combat troops left Iraq on August 19. War over. Woohoo!

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No. Wait. Upon further review, it turns out the war isn’t exactly over.

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As someone who had to turn on the closed captioning during The Wire, I totally get this.

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