Out on DVD today August 05 2008

Here are some selected titles that come out on DVD today. For more, keep an eye out for Matt Brunson’s “View from the Couch” column tomorrow.

"Anthony Bourdain - No Reservations" Collection 3

"Beastmaster" the Complete Collection

The Counterfeiters

"Doctor Who" Episode 17, "The Time Meddler," and Episode 121, "Black Orchard"

"Family Ties" the Fourth Season

The First Olympics - Athens 1896 — The DVD version of this TV movie couldn't have come out at a better time, with this year's summer Games starting on Friday.

Fortress — A re-release of the 1993 Stuart Gordon sci-fi film, complete with new slipcover.

"Get Smart" Season 1 — The complete first season of the classic comedy series that inspired this summer's hit movie starring Steve Carell.