Weekend Arts Agenda: 1.2 cm= at Whitespace January 11 2013

Constance Thalken at Whitspace, Arturo Lindsay at Chastain Art Center, and Atlanta Contemporary Art Center hosts Alix Pearlstein, Tony Labat, and Tad Savinar in a presentation of new conceptual work.


  • Whitespace Gallery
  • Constance Thalken presents 1.2 cm= at Whitespace Gallery, a photographic response to her battle with breast cancer.

Artist and GSU Photography professor, Constance Thalken, is exhibiting a collection of photographs titled 1.2 cm = at Whitespace Gallery. This intimate collection of photographs chronicles the artist's battle with breast cancer, documenting her body's transformation during the course of her treatment. Thalken offers a rare look into the most personal aspects of a single woman's struggle with this horrific disease. Whitespace will hold an opening reception tonight from 7-10 p.m., 1.2 cm = will show through Feb. 16. More art after the jump in this weekend arts agenda.