Weekend Arts Agenda: 'Claw, Shine Gloam and Vesper' September 13 2013

Fun fact: Barrels are art, too.


Wendy Given has new work with Claw, Shine Gloam and Vesper, which opened Thursday night and runs through Oct. 12 at whitespace. The pieces blend the macabre, the supernatural, and the occult - a distinction here with real difference. Or, as it's officially phrased, "Nature is prescribed as a foundation of power, verity and mystery." This is Given's second solo show at the gallery, following 2010's Turn Your Back to the Forest, Your Front to Me. Hours are 11 a.m.-5 p.m. or by appointment. There is an artist talk with Given on Saturday at 2 p.m.

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  • Anna Grimshaw
  • Bill Coperthwaite

Everyone knows about Film Love, Andy Ditzler's quarterly screening series. The latest selection is Anna Grimshaw's Mr. Coperthwaite, actually broken into four parts over four seasons throughout 2013 (in March, June, September, and one in the winter). This has a kind of poetry, as the documentary follows Bill Coperthwaite, who 50 years ago bought a lot of land in the woods of Maine and has not left since. At the Atlanta Contemporary Arts Center, but outdoors; starts at 8:30 p.m. Ticket info here.



  • Corutesy Travis Smith

Sixty-plus artists work on identical 8x8 panels in MINT's Atlantaland. The point? From a common point, many different products (130-plus) - each for sale for $80. Opening tonight from 7-10; through Oct. 20. Includes Carla Garbett, Charles Chatov, Jonny Warren, Katie Troisi, Kristina Dutton, Laurence Nosewalker, Marcy Starz, and more; curated by Travis Smith.



Opening today at the Museum of Design, Barrique: Wine, Design, and Social Change highlights a recycling program for (yes) old barrels in (yes) Europe. The residents of a European treatment center for drug addiction and social exclusion, in Italy, decided that they would not throw away their old wine barrels. Instead, they the group recruited 30 architects and designers to design furniture - then, the center's residents built the furniture using the reclaimed wood. Displayed as part of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs' "Year of Italian Culture." Open 10 a.m.-5 p.m.; through Oct. 15.