Weekend Arts Agenda: ‘I Will Be the Void’ April 18 2014

Plus: vampires!


Lydia Anne McCarthy’s I Will Be the Void has its reception at Twin Kittens, in the middle of its months-long exhibition. “Working in color and experimenting with repetition, multiple exposure and light, I remove my subjects from their original context and exploit the idea that photography may be able to capture a world we cannot readily see with our eyes,” McCarthy told me. The exhibit grew from an artist residency at the Kala Institute last summer; it draws inspiration from a triptych of “religious experience, mental illness, and psychedelic culture.” “Appearing as scientific specimens, in these images I create a new lexicon in a similar way to New Age practice,” McCarthy says.

The exhibit’s subjects seem simultaneously diffuse and specific. One photograph references the English dystopian Aldous Huxley. Another, an image of a pile of palo santo, “includes my hand burning a piece of it, showing my own involvement in the ritual and practice,” McCarthy says. “The light experiments of colored lines of light reference visions I have had. They are named after a spiritual workshop, ‘Your Divine Destiny in the Living Matrix’. I am interested in both the sincerity and absurdity of this, as I see this duality within my own path. In many ways, I am a skeptic searching for something that will resonate with me. The portraits are all of spiritual seekers, journeying on their own path, who have intersected with mine.”

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Here is something a little different: At Eyedrum/C4, Kyle Eyre Clyd will play a live soundtrack over a re-edited version of F.W. Murnau’s original Nosferatu, which you may or may not remember as legions better than the studio-made Dracula, starring Bela Legosi. (Booooooooring.) “A small synth, wind organ, & reel to reel delay will be used to synthesize a vocal choir of the undead,” the gallery said. Starts at 9 p.m. $5


MOMO is coming. Well, technically he’s already here: the New York-based muralist started painting at the Boulevard tunnel yesterday. His public art is the latest in the tunnels ongoing rehabilitation; like a springboard, both Living Walls and the Boulevard Tunnel Initiative have organized a series of events, over 10 days, to celebrate the space. Saturday’s schedule includes and Instameet with #weloveatl, the “Crops & Crafts” Artist and Farmers Market (from noon-4 p.m.), and more. As BTI leader Nicki Braxley told CL’s Max Blau last year, “Now that we have bright lights and pedestrian guardrails and a beautiful mural, we need to see what the community does with the tunnel.”



SweetWater 420 Fest will see the Chris Robinson Brotherhood, Steel Pulse and Sublime with Rome headlining; at least one hour entitled “What’s in Your Beer?”; and two discrete areas for EDM and comedy. Oh, and the fest is on the move: after nine (!) years at Candler Park, the arts-cum-music-cum-alcohol celebration (plus a 5K) will be held at Olympic Centennial Park. Admission starts at $10. Everything else you need to know about is here.