Weekend Arts Agenda: 'See You Soon' July 11 2014

"Mutually agreed-upon imprisonment."


So do you remember Be(a)stie, by Corian Ellisor and Alex Abarca, from a few years ago? Well it has a sequel, See you Soon, which sounds a bit like a downer ("We are older, more mature and moving on," the duo wrote via the event's Facebook page) but is probably buoyant. At least as buoyant as any movement like this can be. As CL's Andrew Alexander wrote in his review of Be(a)stie, "When neither will let the other one go, the act turns from a friendly gesture into a set of evasive jiujitsu-like moves before finally settling into a sort of mutually agreed-upon imprisonment." At the Beam Theater on Sat., at 8 p.m., and Sun., at 7 p.m. Tickets are $10, cash, at the door.

More picks this weekend (all, oddly, on Friday) are below.

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  • BurnAway/Wikimedia Commons
  • Atlanta Contemporary Art Center

Be Here Now — by Mike Black, Andrew Boatright, and Sandra Erbacher — opens tonight at the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center. The exhibit combines sculpture in a range of materials to challenge and/or complicate abstract (yet compelling!) issues such as gravity, beauty, presence, and materiality. The pieces thrive in opposition; the artists will have use of ACAC's galleries, while challenging the idea of incorporating gallery spaces. And Erbacher, the only artist not from Atlanta, makes "humble objects" that "exude a sly poetry and situational wariness." From 7-9 p.m. Admission is $5-$8. Members get in free.


Radcliffe Bailey, Cyclorama, and Gallery 72 will tackle the nation's bloodiest, most resonant conflict (and at least one of the cities it razed) in Art Against the Wall: The Battle of Atlanta at 150. Sound heavy? Remember: "Bailey has an ethereal, feather-light touch with heady material." (Or at least we've always thought so.) The exhibit will be both presented and curated by Bailey; an "assemblage of artists" will join him.


Here is what Company XX, a new show curated by Katie Dunkle at Mammal Gallery is not: "Though Company XX is not about feminism, it is about supporting the local female art community," its official description reads. Instead, "the work collectively diffuses the idea that a show of all female artists does not have to have a feminist agenda, but is rather about group and individual expression." Finally, the exhibit is an interrogation — and maybe, expression — of the "current amorphous and contemporary female zeitgeist of the southeast." With a reception from 7-11 p.m.

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