Weekend Arts Agenda: DaVinci and Michelangelo are in ATL July 02 2015

Plus, Jessica Williams shares 'Memoirs of a Supermodel Princess Clown'

?Though they were bitter rivals, the works OF legendary Renaissance artists Leonardo DaVinci and Mchelangelo can now be seen alongside each other as part of DaVinci & Michelangelo: Side by Side. The international exhibition is in ATL (more specifically, Perimeter Pointe, so not ATL ATL) on loan from the Museum of Leonard Davinci in Florence, and features inventions, paintings, and original cast sculptures. Before landing in our city, the exhibit made Stops in Denver, and Sarasota/Bradenton. DaVinci & Michelangelo: Side by Side will be on display through Oct. 31. For tickets and more info click here.
? ?Dashboard Co-op maybe vacating their galleries at North Avenue and Spring Street in August, but they've got one more show on tap before that move happens. Enter Dixie Overland Highway (the one that connects Southern Cali to Georgia)'s "Close of Day," by Micki Davis and "Range of Motion" by Jessica Sledge. The two video installations from LA-based Sledge, and San Diego-based Davis, also come with Guamanian (a mix of Spanish and Asian cuisine) snacks. The exhibit is on display through Aug. 1, with an opening reception Fri., July 3, from 7-10 p.m. Details here.
?>> Dubbed as the place "where fashion and art collide," Inman Park's Pecola is hosting an exhibition of works from Peter Ferrari. The painter, muralist, and man behind Forward Warrior is one the city's most vocal, and recognizable arts voices. The show is set to run "through mid-August" we're told, but there's an opening reception with beats by Santiago Paramo on Fri., July 3, from 7-9 p.m. There's a Facebook page with deets.
?Fri., July 3 and Sat., Jul 4, Jessica "It's All Good" Williams will be taking over the after-hours slot at Out of Box Theatre. Williams' show Memoirs of a Supermodel Princess Clown, is a one-hour comedy special where the artist tells the story of, "moving to Atlanta, GA to chase her dreams," and how "she found herself with a ton of crazy jobs and a string of bad dates. Now she is ready to share her life with the world." Buy your tickets here.
? ONGOINGSince it opening in May, Serenbe Playhouse's production of The Secret Garden has been getting some good praise. The first to incorporate Serenbe's new English Garden, the show runs through Aug. 19. Your ticket to the Garden is here.