Photographer Jason Francisco brings his 'Names' to Budapest

Atlanta photographer's exhibition opens in Budapest today



An exhibition of works by Atlanta photographer Jason Francisco opens today in Budapest. PH21 Gallery will feature These are the Names, 15 images from a collection of 100. The caption for each photograph begins, "These are the names of the people murdered here." A list follows - sometimes 20 or 30 names long - of victims lost to homicide on one block or a single street corner in Philadelphia, which has the highest per-capita murder rate among major U.S. cities. On average, nearly 400 people are killed each year. Most are young; most are male; most are black or Latino. "If 'Philadelphia' were the name of a cult of human sacrifice, we would be astonished at its bloodthirstiness, which demands more than one offering per day," Francisco's exhibition statement reads. Thus an unlikely transatlantic triangle forms - Atlanta and Philadelphia, between which Francisco splits his time, and Budapest, where a former student of his runs the gallery.

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