CL's Halloween costume contest: send us your pics and win...something

We wanna see your costumes, you creative buggers.

Image You know you want the fame. You know you slaved for hours over that slutty zombie Marilyn Munroe costume and then all your friends were too drunk to even notice. Bastards! BUT! Now you'll show 'em. By entering our first ever Halloween costume contest! And winning!!

Just send your bad cell phone drunk-at-the-party pics to us. Well, not to us but to Gwynedd. Email your photos with "Costume contest" in the subject line to gwynedd.stuart at creativeloafing.com before noon tomorrow. We'll pick the best and announce a winner here on Fresh Loaf tomorrow afternoon.

Sending us your pic gives us permission to use it. Duh. Please only send photos of yourself, or if you want to enter a friend get their permission first.

What will you win? Tickets to some cool stuff. And all that fame and glory. Or, as Curt Holman would probably say, fame and GORY. (sorry)

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