The Televangelist: 'Lost' Season 6, Episode 2

The promos for this week promised "questions will be answered!" Oh boy, so what did we learn after 5 full seasons of trickery and obfuscation?

(1) It's a baseball

(2) The pill is poison.

Thanks, Darlton.

My first impression of "What Kate Does" (as opposed to what she did, the episode title from season 2) was the same eye roll I gave to the TV Guide's one line synopsis of the episode: "Kate goes on the run."  Does she?  If she's not running, she's getting captured or stealing other people's fiancé's.  But she knows how to make a man stay.  She can be "very convincing."

Obvious disclosure, I'm not Kate's biggest fan.  She was interesting as a kind of pretty tomboy in season 1, who climbed trees and shot at people.  But her character is not at all a mountain-mover whether you're flashing forward, backward, or sideways.  Kate-centric episodes tend to be filler episodes.  And in a final season with more questions than particles in an ever expanding universe, why waste that time?

Let's instead take stock of the surprising returns in this episode: