True Blood' season 2, episode 8

Me-ow! What a catfight between Lorena and Sookie. (Sookie: "Go find someone else you trashy bitch! You've lost this one!") That Sookie's got sass and I like it. The brawling didn't stop there, however. Sarah shot Jason in the balls, Jason shot Steve between the eyes, and Tara and Eggs smacked the hell out of each other (and that was one of their more tender moments last night.) Half the time I couldn't believe I what I was watching — voluntarily. Time for some blog recap therapy to work through the visual trauma (and physical nausea) of "Timebomb."

A stunned Jason realizes that Sarah Newlin didn't, in fact, kill him. She did, however, knock the wind out of him with a paintball gun. See, Sarah feels hurt that Jason lied to her (never mind her slutting around with LODI cadettes). "You're worse than Judas!" she screams at Jason. "Why? What'd he do?" "Fuck you!" she says dismissively before shooting him in his nether regions. She's also pretty ticked about his sister: "You Stackhouses are nuthin' but a bunch of lyin', two-faced vampire fuckers!" Someone needs to wash this preacher's wife's mouth out with soap. We all know what happens when you talk smack about Jason's sister. Sarah's ass lands in the weeds and Jason heads back to church to rescue Sookie.