24:' Episode 8, 11 p.m.-midnight

Thighs of steel

Last night, Bazhaev's men dragged Jack back to their restaurant/lair for questioning. The interrogation involved suspending Bauer from a pipe and zapping him with jumper cables connected to a battery/ generator-type contraption on his side, under his armpit, and even in his fresh stab wound. Jack, who only needs a piece of gauze to dress a 4-inch stab wound, manages after 20 minutes or so of electrocution to stage a sneak attack on his torturer, Dmitri. When Dmitri's back is turned, Jack grabs one of the cables with his toes, swings forward and shocks Dmitri long enough to knock him unconscious. Jack yanks the pipe free of the ceiling, cuts through his restraints and proceeds to break Dmitri's neck — with his thighs. Awesome.

Jack's resilience and bravado even amazes "Lost's" Benjamin Linus (Michael Emerson). Here he is trying to parse out the action from hour seven of "24" on "The Soup" last week:

»Anyone else reminded of the opening interrogation scene of Slumdog Millionaire during Jack's torture scene?

»Both anti-Dana/Jenny and anti-Renee camps have formed and are quickly amassing followers. Who annoys you most? I'm pitching my tent on the anti-Dana/Jenny side. Her storyline just takes away from  time we could be watching shirtless Jack break necks with his thighs.

»Was Freddie Prinze Jr. working some sort of New York accent last night? ("Whateva.")

» Most insincere display of regret: Sergei Bazhaev. "I murdered my own son like he was a dog." The remark was sincere enough ... until he began to weep.

» President Taylor's smart-ass Chief of Staff when Jack asks for immunity for Sergei and Josef: "Oh that's all? How about we just give them a parade down Broadway too?"

NEXT WEEK: Will Dana/Jenny murder Kevin and sidekick?

(Photo Ray Mickshaw/FOX)