The Televangelist: 'Friday Night Lights' Season 4, Episode 2

"Friday Night Lights" in a nutshell: well written, well acted, well played.

Friday's episode of "Friday Night Lights" showcased just about every element that makes the show so superior:  dazzling cinematography (with less shaky cam, thankfully), tightly-crafted real world dialogue, heart-tugging emotions set to perfect instrumentals by Texas band Explosions in the Sky, and some quality Eric and Tami Taylor interaction time.

"FNL" doesn't attempt to subvert convention - its main thrust has always been about a scrappy high school football team, its struggling coach and members, and overcoming odds.  Simple themes, but executed brilliantly within those restraints.  Take for instance the scene where Tami tells Dillon star Luke Cafferty that his false address has been discovered - he's going to East Dillon High.  Luke didn't pout or get angry or talk back; he reacted like a good, well-raised southern boy would.  He thanked her.  He thanked the woman who effectively crushed his dreams of a future football career and sports glory!  First, granted, he begged and pleaded and swore up and down he would be the best student in the world.  But there's no bribing Tami Taylor (take note, Joe McCoy), and once Luke realized he was fighting a losing battle, he apologized. And then he thanked her. He meant it, and it hurt.  Well written, well acted, well played.