Mad Men" Season 4 Episode 3"

Episode 3


  • Michael Yarish/AMC
  • California? AGAIN?

After last week’s Christmas shenanigans, which threw (almost) all of our favorite characters back into action, it seems there was no place to go but way down-tempo for the New Years follow-up. Despite a trip to sunny California, Don’s brief reintroduction to Mary Jane, a spirited round of can-the-secretary, a monster movie, a stand-up comedian, and not-one-but-two hookers, this week found a more somber, solitary Mad Men. Pushing all other characters aside, the show focused on the three loneliest inhabitants of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce: UK numbers man Lane, everyone’s favorite secretary Joan, and, of course, Don. It turns out to be a disgruntled power trio that really shines, when it (eventually) gets the chance.

But first, another long, semi-detached West Coast sojourn with Don's California Gurls. (Don't bother getting your hands up.)