Mad Men" Season 4 Episode 9"

Episode 9


  • Michael Yarish/AMC
  • Miss Blankenship is dead! Long live Miss Blankenship!

“Men never know what’s going on.” “I offered you money and I said thank you!”

Since its beginning, one of Mad Men’s major themes has been the plight of women in the sixties, when feminism was something like a handful of nascent tadpoles while the civil rights movement was a rain of frogs—a righteous torrent that made the injustice of the status quo perfectly clear, at least regarding African-Americans. Women, meanwhile, were also shut out of any number of arenas and, as Peggy points out, nobody—no man, that is—seems to care: “The university club said the only way I could eat dinner there was if I arrived in a cake.”

Yet, this is Mad Men—so the question becomes, not unfairly, “Are you angry or lovesick?” And the answer, also provided by Peggy, is “I don’t know.”