Treme Season 2, Ep. 8

Season 2, Ep. 8


  • Courtesy of HBO
  • JUST PUT YOUR LIPS TOGETHER AND BLOW: Wendell Pierce (left), Jaron Williams

Episode 8 embraces the title “Can I Change My Mind?” by switching up “Treme’s” usual meandering pace with some significant confrontations and moment-of-truth scenes. Apparently Toni and her daughter neglected to have a big face-off to clear the air after Sofia’s Mardi Gras misadventure last week, because the girl gets in deeper trouble. She and a pal go out on the town, intent on drinking and doing drugs with a couple of guys they meet, who happen to be driving in a stolen car. Naturally, they get pulled over by the cops.

Newly-minted Oscar-winner Melissa Leo masterfully captures a mother’s concern and dismay when she receives the late night phone call: “What did they arrest you for?” Sofia spends a night in jail and gets brought to the judge in manacles. Outside juvie, Toni lights into Sofia about her self-destructive behavior, but Sofia instantly turns the tables by asking “Why did he do it?” Suddenly, the conversation turns to Creighton’s suicide, catching Toni off-guard. When Toni voices her despair and rage about the situation, Leo’s performance flirts with histrionics, but at least maybe Toni and Sofia can start rebuilding their relationship.