Rescue Me' Final Season, episode 4: Malcolm X serious

Tommy and Matt Damon have something in common, men know nothing about planning weddings and Franco turns into a major douche.


Man, this episode was all over the map. It's starting to feel like "ok, this is the final season, so let's cram everything in that we can" time - which I hate. Here's to hoping I can make this sound cohesive, even though the show's writers clearly didn't think that was very important.

The show starts off with the airing of Tommy's interview with a vapid blond reporter lady on Channel 6 regarding Jimmy's death on 9/11. It was a nice remembrance piece... until it wasn't. Tommy kept it cool while asked questions like "Would you trade places with Jimmy" and "Do you think you could start crying? What about now?" No, that wasn't really it, but you know how reporters can be so anxious for an Oprah moment. So then she turned a corner and started asking about firemen getting their due respect because of their acts on 9/11... and then about having bad raps for being angry alcoholics. I mean, you had to see it coming a mile away, but Tommy totally went all Matt Damon on blondie and flipped her and the camera guy off before storming off set. After it's all said and done, Franco goes all Bjork on TOMMY. I really don't know what the hell has crawled up Franco's ass lately, but this is not a good look for him.