Dexter' Season 6, Episode 9

Surprise! Everything you thought you knew about <i>Dexter</i> this season was right.


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  • "Wait a second, do we know you?"

So: Dexter attempted to wow us this week with not one, not two, but three surprise reveals. If you haven’t seen the episode yet, and you aren’t into spoilers, you could probably read this anyway, since all three “twists” have been pretty heavily telegraphed over the past two-to-seven episodes. In fact, the surprises only get more predictable as the hour rolls along, while the unrelated nonsense keeps piling up.

Let’s start with the most significant reveal, which in lots of ways was the most obvious. I forget when Dexter started referring to Gellar as Travis’s “dark passenger” (last episode? The one before that?), but he does it so much this episode, starting from the first line, it made me wonder if Dexter also suspects—like viewers across the blogosphere have been suspecting for weeks—that Gellar is just Babyhanks’s murderous imaginary friend.