Real Housewives of Atlanta” Season 4 Ep. 5: That Girl!”

Ep. 5: That Girl!


Who’s that girl? It’s Marlo! See Marlo sashay. See her prance in a park and wink at a department store mannequin. See Marlo work a “hood” bar. Oh, that’s not 74-year-old, American Sweetheart Marlo Thomas? Nope, it’s Marlo Hampton, socialite girlfriend of footballer Charles Grant and newest potential victim of Nene Leakes. With a pregnant Kim out of the picture and Sheree busy suing people, Nene needs a new gold-digging target to attack at social events, cocktail parties and religious ceremonies. Who better to claw the face off than the current girlfriend of a former beau?

Rumor has it that Nene and Charles dated while Nene was still with her husband Gregg. Charles claims they went on one date but he couldn’t take her ego. What does Marlo say? Nothing yet, but producers are dangling her like a carrot in front of Nene’s airbrushed face. Marlo has a dogged determination, a strategy veiled beneath a fake smile. Like her athlete boyfriend, she’s on the proverbial bench now, but Marlo’s ready to replace a Housewife if, say, one of them spins off a show about a shotgun marriage.