Dexter' Season 6, Ep. 11

Just one more episode. Just one more episode. Just one more episode.


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  • So how long has Deb been undressing Dexter with her eyes like that?

Alright everyone! Second to last episode! The end is in sight! Got to stick with! Got to stay alert! Got to tamp down that cynicism and pessimism and higher critical faculties! Got to go with the flow! Got to enjoy the visceral thrill! Got to stay positive! After all, these last two episodes of the season feature not-to-be-missed, ultimate-endgame-launching developments. Showtime network president David Nevins promised!

And what game-changers they are! Homeland security is interested in DDK. Travis is targeting Deb specifically. Harrison is going to be in a Noah’s Ark play. Matthews asks Deb to keep his relationship with Dead Hooker a secret. Travis is a very, very fast painter. Intern is mailing the Ice Cream Truck Killer’s prosthetic hand to Dexter. LaGuerta sells out Matthews. Deb has secret romantic feelings for Dex. Unrepentant killing machine Travis can’t manage to kill any of the regular characters, probably because he insists on using fire, instead of his gun.