Add It Up: Changes for Clermont?

The Clermont Motor Hotel is up for sale again

Asking price for Clermont Hotel, in millions of dollars: 6.5

Number of times the building has been listed for sale in past half-century, including now: 2

Reported sale price in 2003, in millions of dollars: 3.4

Room number for one-time hotel resident G.G. Allin: 216

Number of other Atlanta buildings that employ elevator operators: 0

Year the Continental Room, an upscale supper club, opened in the hotel basement: 1955

Year the restaurant was replaced by a go-go bar: 1965

Number of years of continuous operation for the go-go bar (now the Clermont Lounge), Atlanta’s oldest strip club: 44

Average age of Clermont Lounge dancers: N/A

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