'Professor' O'Connell

March 23, 2007

Dear Mr. Edelstein,

Please find enclosed an article I wrote a while back about Elie Wiesel, the public face of "the Holocaust," the multi-million dollar racket that provides an all purpose alibi for Israeli war crimes and crimes against humanity.

So begins a letter CL received from Georgia State University Professor of French David O'Connell.

Why the sarcastic quotation marks bracketing Holocaust?

O'Connell explains in the article he sent us:

I avoid using the word "Holocaust." Since that term is has become a media code word that is all too often used as a justification for the Jewish war crimes and crimes against humanity that are routinely committed in occupied Palestine, it is tainted. It is also associated with the scams and manipulations of various Jewish holocaust profiteers, of whom Wiesel himself is probably the most flagrant example. It also serves the purposes of the pro-Israel Judeo-corporate power structure, since it justifies foreign adventures to "prevent another Holocaust." I refer instead to the Jewish Ordeal of World War II (JOW) to describe the Nazi persecution of innocent Jews.

You see, it wasn't a "Holocaust." It was a "Jewish Ordeal." And apparently it wasn't a "genocide" either. It was a "persecution." After all, genocide is such a harsh word.

Thanks for clearing things up, Professor.

I mean, "Professor."

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