Takin' it back to the Old School

Written by CL intern Danielle Jennings

What do you get when you take two legendary R&B groups and a solo star who used to be a member of a legendary R&B group? The result is the Whispers, the Ojay�s and Jeffery Osborne performing this weekend at the Atlanta Civic Center.

As a fan of old-school R&B (I know the term is a little trite at this point), this concert is a must-see for any fan that feels the same way I do. While the music may be from another time, the messages and melodies are firmly implanted in the music of most R&B singers today. Frontman Eddie Levert for the Ojay�s is probably most familiar to younger audiences as father of the late Gerald Levert. Jeffery Osborne, former frontman of LTD, is largely responsible for playing a part in setting the right mood the night many of us �youngstas� were conceived. The Whispers, known for their ultra-smooth slow jams, round out the set of soul balladeers, fronted by twins Walter and Scotty.

So, if you want to set the perfect post-Valentine�s Day mood or you just want to remember the days when they sang about love, not sex, then I�ll see you Saturday night!

Don�t forget to bring a loved one, it could get very steamy.