Dogwood Fest to Lenox?

Atlanta Dogwood Festival Coverage from the January, 2008 issue of Creative Loafing.


This is an article from 2008. For all current information and additional links see Cl's coverage of the Atlanta Dogwood Festival. 

Organizers of the venerable Dogwood Festival - long a spring tradition at Piedmont Park - will hold a press conference tomorrow (Friday) to announce its new location for this year.

Seeing as how the press conference will be held at Lenox Mall, and Lenox was one of the locations the festival was considering, you can probably put one and one together.

Piedmont Park is off-limits this year to major festivals due to the drought. Organizations have complained that the city's late notice has left them scrambling to find alternative sites. The festival is planned for April 4, 5 and 6.

Stay posted for updates.