Profile: Alice Fraasa, T-shirt model

(photo by Joeff Davis)

Better known to Facebook and MySpace users as “Alice the Snorg Girl,” the 19-year-old Mariettan has been an Internet sensation since she first agreed three years ago to be a model for a T-shirt company launched by her brother’s friends. Now a sophomore at Auburn, she’s gotten used to being recognized wherever she goes.

Often, Alice gets that “You look familiar” look from fellow students who can’t seem to place her. “Some days, I’ll wear a T-shirt and people will say, “Oh, that’s why I know you.’”

Alice’s claim to fame is her wide-eyed, open-mouthed expressions of dorky joy. “People always ask me why I’m so happy in my photos and it’s because company co-owner Bryan is always dancing and making me laugh. I’m very easily entertained.”

“The worst thing about being recognized is when I’m in a bar and the bartender says, ‘Hey, aren’t you the Snorg girl?’ and I realize he knows I’m underage.”

Modeling has made Alice semifamous but not rich, because she gets paid in T-shirts. But she has gotten other offers. “I’ve gotten messages from so and so agency saying they’d like me to model. But then when I Google the company name, nothing comes up. That’s kind of creepy.”

Although she’s not sure what career to pursue, Alice knows she wants to travel around the world. She’s already got plenty of friends out there. “I was looking myself up on the Internet the other day and found out I have a fan club in Australia. That’s pretty cool!”

While she describes herself as outdoorsy and athletic, Alice is also obsessed with all things Harry Potter and plans to reread all the books. “My favorite new T-shirt says, ‘Wizards do it with wands.’”

The Alice you see in her online photos is basically what you get in real life. “I’m really nerdy and weird, and I don’t mind making fun of myself. The reason I probably appeal to some people is they think, ‘She looks goofy; I bet she’s fun.’”