Norwood likens GOP votes to cocaine use, keeps it real

Best use of a literary device thus far in the Atlanta mayoral campaign

In a very long interview yesterday with Atlanta Progressive News, Atlanta mayoral frontunner Mary Norwood explained why she’s voted in Republican primaries and attended state GOP conventions.

From APN:

Norwood said she was disgusted with the Republican Convention and decided never to return. “There seemed to be two agendas. Evidentally in all these party politics, there’s stuff that goes on on the floor and there’s stuff that goes on in the back room,” Norwood said.

“Just because you go on a date with someone doesn’t mean you’re gonna marry them,” Norwood said, making an analogy. “Just because you did cocaine once doesn’t make you an addict.”

Emphasis added, because hot damn that’s a great quote! And the image of Republicans conspiring in the “back room” followed up with a unrelated reference to the devil’s dandruff? Excellent!

Granted, Norwood’s technically correct. But this is by far the best analogy we’ll read before noon. And it made us think of other excellent analogies. “Just because you once choked a man with your bare hands doesn’t make you a bloodthirsty maniac.” There are many others out there, we’re sure.

(Courtesy Mary Norwood)