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Mary Norwood’s going to bed, and so are we. No more news tonight, folks. In fact, it looks like we’re heading into RECOUNT territory.

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UPDATE, 1:27 a.m.: Oh, hi there! Thomas here, still wide awake and trying to sift through the unreliable election results! Kasim Reed has claimed victory. Mary Norwood, as we said earlier, thinks the race is still too close and not conceded defeat. Approximately 750 votes separate the two candidates, which means a recount is likely. We’ll have much more tomorrow in about seven hours. Until then, sleep well!

UPDATE, 11:52 p.m.: If Mary Norwood’s going to bed, then so am I. No more news tonight, folks. In fact, it looks like we’re in RECOUNT territory. It might be days before we have a new mayor. Hello 2000!

UPDATE, 11:43 p.m.: Um, maybe “SOON” was an overstatement. Apparently, we’ll have a new mayor at some point — more likely later than sooner. AJC reports, “Counting stops for now, recount likely.”

UPDATE, 11:38 p.m.: As of now, only 758 votes separate Reed and Norwood with 100 percent of precincts reporting (but absentee ballots are still being counted). 11alive reported a few minutes back that there are as many as 6,000 absentee ballots being tallied. Updates — and, hopefully, final results — will be available SOON.

UPDATE, 11:34 p.m.: From Scott Henry, at the Kasim Reed party at the Hyatt:

Okay, I just got word. We’ve been waiting around for a half an hour. Everyone at Kasim’s headquarters seems to think he won. But apparently they’re concerned about nine different precincts where the returns are fuzzy. In other words, they are not satisfied with the results. Pretty weird. Pretty wacky.

UPDATE, 11:16 p.m.: 11alive reports that county officials are still tallying absentee ballots and should have a final count in 10 minutes. Stay tuned!!!

UPDATE, 11:11 p.m.: Updated results from the Fulton elections site, with Reed still on top:

UPDATE, 11:07 p.m.: Thomas Wheatley captures Norwood on video moments ago, saying the race is “too close to call” and “we are not going to know for hours.” Check it out: