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BMF co-founder follows brother’s lead, pleads guilty

Terry “Southwest T” Flenory pleads guilty. 

On Nov. 20, the younger, more understated brother of flashy mob boss Demetrius “Big Meech” Flenory pleaded guilty to federal charges. Like his brother the day before, Terry “Southwest T” Flenory admitted to running the $270 million cocaine ring the Black Mafia Family, which was based in Atlanta, Detroit and L.A.

Both brothers entered guilty pleas less than a week before they were in their native Detroit. Had they been convicted of running a continuing criminal enterprise, they would have faced mandatory life sentences. Instead, the Flenorys could be sentenced to as little as 20 years, though the government is recommending 30.

After spending nearly half an hour huddling with his lawyers, Terry Flenory went before U.S. District Court Judge Avern Cohn yesterday morning and indicated he wanted to go to trial. After he was escorted from the courtroom, he changed his mind and returned to enter a guilty plea.

The Flenory brothers pleaded guilty to the continuing criminal enterprise charge - which is used to take down organized crime rings — and to money laundering. Other charges, including cocaine distribution, were dropped.

Five of the Flenorys’ 39 defendants are still scheduled for trial Nov. 26. The rest either have pleaded guilty or are expected to. What’s more, several investigations into BMF’s activities in Atlanta — including two associates’ alleged roles in three homicides — are ongoing.