APD seeks members of gay community for its new GLBT advisory board

Calling all gays ...

The Atlanta Police Department announced today it needs help "understanding" and "interacting with" you (uh, duh)!

The APD WANTS YOU — well, nine of you — to serve on a GLBT advisory board intended to "create an ongoing dialogue to better improve relations and understanding" between police and the gay community.

A press release issued today goes on to say:
The board will help advise the APD on matters specifically related to the gay community, with the ultimate goal of forming a partnership to reduce crime. GLBT liaison, Senior Patrol Officer Patricia Powell will also seek input on how to ensure the APD is offering proper training to its officers with regards to interaction with the gay community.

The board's formation comes after the recent attack of a gay couple at the hands of several teenaged boys in Piedmont Park, an incident police have labeled a "bias crime." The release says that attack "underscores the need for the APD to develop a partnership with the community that ultimately results in the protection of life and property for all."

If you think you're the same-sex-oriented person for the job (or want to nominate someone who is) contact Officer Powell at ppowell at atlantaga.gov, or 404-546-4752 by 5 p.m. on Friday, July 16th.