Blessed are the Colt Peacemakers

Judge doesn't block state ban on guns in chuches . . . yet.

A U.S. District Court judge in Macon refused to block enforcement of the Georgia law banning gun permit holders from bringing guns to places of worship.

The suit to block the enforcement law was brought by GeorgiaCarry.org and a church in Thomaston. It followed the June U.S. Supreme Court ruling stating the Second Amendment right of individuals to have guns applied to state and local laws.

However case isn't over by a long shot (ha!). The judge hasn't issued his final ruling on the case. He may very well say the state law is unconstitutional. Judges can be judgmental that way.

In recent years, the Georgia legislature has increased the number of places Georgia gun permit holders are legally allowed to bring weapons. Strangely enough, the legislature still hasn't made it legal for permit holders to bring guns into the state Capitol. If they love guns so much and think they're so awesome to have around, you'd think they'd put allow the public to pack heat in their presence.

(NOTE: For those of you who didn't grow up with a subscription to Guns & Ammo, the subject header of this post refers to this)

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