I’m A Beast turns local creative talents into Halloween monsters

Graphic artist/illustrator Eric Nine and Studio 8 photographer Mike Moore bring out the beast in some of Atlanta’s top rockers, rappers, DJs and artists

Hip-hop and Halloween don’t necessarily seem like a natural fit. But when local urban artist/graphic designer Eric Nine and Studio 8 photographer Mike Moore began bridging the gap between monsters and MCs by manipulating photos of rappers, DJs, rock musicians, writers and other creative-minded locals, a beast was born.


Featuring black-and-white images of local artists such as DJ Kemit, Coathangers drummer Stephanie Luke, journalist and beer connoisseur Dennis Malcolm Byron (aka Ale Sharpton) and rapper 4-Ize, all turned into classic monsters and mythological creatures, the collaborative efforts of Nine and Moore have resulted in a Halloween-themed art show called I’m A Beast.

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