Four-time Peachtree Road Race winner dies

Grete Waitz died of cancer at 57

Anyone else come of age in the '70s, when the nation's love of disco was matched only by its obsession with running? Remember The Complete Book of Running? Bill Rodgers-brand nylon shorts? Mary Decker's heart-breaking fall during the 1984 Olympics? Frank Shorter's groovy mustache? No? Just me? Lovely.

Anyway, others who grew up during the running craze will recognize the name of Grete Waitz, the appealingly dorky-looking Norwegian girl who proved to be the greatest marathoner of her generation, winning the New York Marathon nine times and Atlanta's Peachtree Road Race four times.

I was surprised to see headlines this morning that she had died of cancer at 57. Just how we all want to start off our day — with a reminder of one's own mortality.

But don't let me harsh your mellow, kids. Get back to your Wii or Facebook!

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