Forest Park city council rethinks that whole breastfeeding age-limit thing

Ordinance no longer states that children must be younger than two to be publicly breastfed


A band of pro-breastfeeding moms calling themselves "lactivists" were victorious in their efforts to convince Forest Park's city council to remove an age limit on public nursing from a recent public indecency ordinance.

At their meeting last night, the council approved an amended version of the ordinance, from which a provision was removed stating that breastfeeding in public wouldn't be considered indecent as long as the child was younger than two.

Several mothers (none of them residents of Forest Park) addressed the council during the public comment portion of the meeting. One of them, Katrina Beckham of Snellville, asked a great question: if there was an age limit on breastfeeding in public, how, exactly, did Forest Park plan on enforcing it? Would nursing mothers, she wondered, be required to carry around their child's birth certificate? Would police be emboldened to approach and question a nursing mother because her child looked older than two?

Luckily for the moms of Forest Park, they won't have to find out.