Caleb Spivak of What Now Atlanta takes job as Atlantic Station's Social Media and Community Manager

We told you to watch him!


Caleb Spivak, founder of retail and hospitality blog What Now Atlanta, has taken a job as the Social Media and Community Manager for Atlantic Station. He will continue to run What Now Atlanta.

Spivak, who we profile this week as part of our 20 People to Watch in 2012 package, says that he recently turned down a job as hospitality reporter for a local media outlet because they wanted him to give up his blog. The job at Atlantic Station had no such conflicts.

Speaking of conflicts, Spivak says he will not compromise his content for What Now Atlanta in any way, although he will be "more in the know" about things going on at Atlantic Station. He plans to stick to news only when covering Atlantic Station, and will fully disclose his relationship when writing about it on What Now Atlanta. He sees the two things - his job and his blog - as "completely separate."

And speaking of disclosures, I'm sitting in Atlantic Station right now because that's where CL's offices are.