ACC Tournament: NC State whoops Boston College, Georgia Tech craps out to Miami

Game 2, 3, and 4 of the 2012 ACC Tournament at Philips Arena

Image NC State ended their first half against Boston College with a 3-pointer and then finished the game with TWO 3-pointers in a row to soundly beat BC 57-78. This made me happy. I've never understood what Boston College is doing in this conference in the first place. Also, NC State is such a great scrappy underdog team, I've always loved them. Here's how it works: NC State hates UNC and thinks there's this big rivalry. UNC loves NC State and thinks its cute that they think there's this big rivalry.

But honestly the first two games of the tournament were kinda uneventful, with one team getting a big lead fairly early on and never losing it. Thankfully, Virginia Tech and Clemson gave us a more exciting matchup, with Clemson leading at the half 35-30, but VT coming back strong in the second, scoring back to back 3's with around 4 minutes left. That, plus a technical foul called on Clemson that caused an elderly gentleman dressed on orange behind me to yell "YA BUNCH OF HOMOS!!" plus, you know, playing good and stuff, gave VT a 63-68 win.

Then...the home team hit the court! And the crowd...totally went home. OK, it was a 9 p.m. game on a Thursday night. And Miami and GT are barely the most exciting teams of all time. But still I was sad to see Atlanta produce by far the smallest fan turnout for the only team closer than 124 miles away. And those hometown fans sure missed out! Um...well..actually, Georgia Tech lost to Miami in about the most boring game ever. They kept ploddingly neck and neck through the first half, and the first five minutes of the second, with barely anyone scoring any points at all, but then a 100000-0 run from Miami (kidding, it was 16, but it felt like more) sucked the life out of them. They just could...not...score. It was painful. GT lost 36-54. Wa-waaa.

But more importantly:

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