Yet another Walmart proposed in Atlanta, this time near Lindbergh

NPU Chair: 'This is not anything against Walmart... This is about a suburban-style development in an urban setting'


Take a breather from those rumors about a potential Walmart near Grant Park and shift your gaze toward Lindbergh Center in northeast Atlanta, where the big-box retailer is eyeing another location.

The Sembler Company and Fuqua Development want to build a mixed-use commercial development near the busy intersection of Lindbergh Drive and Piedmont Road and across the street from the Lindbergh Center MARTA station. The centerpiece: a 150,000 square-foot "anchor tenant" - which, according to sources and reports, is Walmart. If built, the store would literally sit across the street from a Target.

The developers are getting ready to ask the city to amend its comprehensive development plan to allow them to build the shopping center on the proposed site, which is actually several parcels bounded by Piedmont Road and Morosgo, Adina, and Lindbergh Drives. The approximately 21-acre site is currently zoned for high-density residential and home to several outdated (and occupied) apartment complexes and a vast vacant lot.

On Tuesday night, Neighborhood Planning Unit B, which isn't keen on suburban-style, big-box stores - especially so close to Lindbergh, which many members think needs more transit-oriented, residential development - told the developers no thanks. They think the area, which they'd like to see become more walkable and dense, is better suited for more residential development. Simply put: They don't want a stereotypical, suburban-esque, big-box store near Lindbergh - regardless of what company's name is on the building.

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