Breaking: Dogs are murdering cats in NW Atlanta

It's raining cat (blood) and dogs off Bolton Road


  • Tom Bjornstad/Wikimedia

As far as harbingers of the apocalypse go, everyone's been preoccupied with zombies, what with the recent instances of people eating other people when they've not been provoked. All the while, wild dogs have been forming packs, gaining strength in numbers, sharpening their teeth and claws, and preparing to take over Atlanta. Or at least kill some cats.

Residents of a Northwest Atlanta neighborhood told WSB-TV that they're in fear for their lives because a cat-blood-thirsty pack of wild dogs is taking over their streets.
"It's killed four cats and there's a couple cats missing, so we know the number is larger," Kathleen O'Loughlin said.

She's worried about her cat that had a run-in with the dogs a few nights ago.

"They had him cornered and they were attacking him," she said, but she's even more concerned about her kids.

"They have been aggressive toward some people as well. In this neighborhood we have kids and pets, and we're really concerned the pack is growing and the dogs are getting more aggressive," she said.

DOGS MURDERING CATS? I know, I know. What's this world coming to? Neighbors hypothesize that people are bringing dogs to Fulton County Animal Services, but not bothering to bring them inside. Then the dogs form posses and wreak havoc.

Should the dogs run out of cats to kill and move on to people, don't worry. Neighbors are already coming up with creative strategies to fend off the beasts ...
"It's scary. I carry a bottle of wasp spray every time I walk my dog because I know it can shoot at a far range and I can run." Jessica Arnold, another neighbor, said.