Former Majority Leader Chip Rogers resigns from state Senate, joins GPB (Update)

"The opportunity to help lead Georgia Public Broadcasting is like a dream come true in many respects"


State Sen. Chip Rogers, R-Woodstock, is expected to step down from office, despite being re-elected last month. According to the AJC, who confirmed the news with multiple sources, an announcement regarding his resignation will likely be made sometime this afternoon.

Rogers had already passed up the chance to serve another term as the majority leader. He first explained his decision to not seek re-election for the lead gig last month. In a lengthy Facebook post, he said:

While I am proud of what has been achieved on my watch, I am mindful that public service must have personal boundaries. In the recent months I have come to realize that serving in leadership requires a time investment I can no longer make at the expense of my family. I am fully aware that I may someday have political regrets at what was not completed. Yet I will gladly accept this in exchange for preventing the regrets as a Father who missed too much. For these reasons, I decided to not seek re-election as Senate Majority Leader.

Over the past couple of months, Rogers had made national headlines as the host of a wacky Agenda 21 meeting, where the Republican caucus was briefed on a potential mind-control scheme from none other than President Obama himself.

As Peach Pundit points out, Gov. Deal will have to determine when exactly a special election would be held. According to Georgia code 21-2-544:

(4) If such vacancy shall occur following the election of a member of the General Assembly but prior to such member taking office, such vacancy shall be filled in accordance with Code Section 21-2-504, but such election shall be called within ten days of such vacancy and shall be held not fewer than 30 nor more than 60 days following the date of such call;

Peach Pundit also notes that an open position with Georgia Public Broadcasting may be in Roger's future, though that's far from certain according to others. We'll provide an update once Rogers addresses the resignation himself.

UPDATE, 4:36 p.m.: It's official: Rogers has stepped down in order to take on a position with GPB. There, he will oversee a new initiative that aims to "create programming that will aggregate job opportunities, job growth areas and career counseling."

"The opportunity to help lead Georgia Public Broadcasting is like a dream come true in many respects," Rogers said in a statement. "The incredible team put together by Director Ryan is among the best in broadcasting. I really look forward to joining their efforts."

The new initiative will begin in 2013 and a weekly radio show, hosted by Rogers, will launch in the spring.