Who’s watching? Send us photos of where surveillance cameras are monitoring you

We want to see the places where you’re being watched.


  • Max Blau
  • #WATCHEDATL: Col. Wayne Mock of Midtown Blue points out a dome camera on Peachtree Place outside the Midtown MARTA station.

Several stories above one of Atlanta’s busiest downtown thoroughfares, there’s a dark, inconspicuous room where four Atlanta Police officers watch real-time video footage captured from an estimated 750 cameras. The room is called the Loudermilk Video Integration Center, and it’s part of a massive surveillance program commonly referred to as Operation Shield. If all goes according to plan over the next five years, up to 10,000 cameras could become integrated into this massive camera network across the city.

Whether it’s through this far-reaching surveillance effort or even a local business or homeowner continuously recording a much smaller scale, there’s no escaping the fact that you are being watched throughout the city. One of CL’s upcoming cover stories will explore the ways that Atlantans are being monitored on a daily basis. The odds are high that wherever you go in Atlanta, you likely pass by a number of cameras. That could happen with one of the myriad dome cameras looking upon commuters driving up and down Peachtree Street or the inconspicuous eye in the sky sitting atop the Flying Biscuit on 10th Avenue and Piedmont Avenue.

We want to see photos of the places where you’re being watched. Take a picture of the cameras filming you throughout your day and send them our way, along with their location’s address, by Monday, Dec. 17, 2012. You can shoot them to us in an email at photos@creativeloafing.com or by tweeting at us with the #WatchedATL hashtag. We’ll take all these photos and plot them on a map that will run alongside this story.