GPB producer resigns, cites Chip Rogers’ ‘unconscionable’ salary (Update)

‘Interest turned to disgust this weekend after the AJC published Senator Rogers’ salary of $150,000’


The uproar over Chip Rogers’ first week at Georgia Public Broadcasting continues.

Staff producer Ashlie Wilson Pendley, a GPB employee for more than 15 years, has resigned in part due to Rogers’ exorbitant salary. This follows a petition that was launched yesterday calling for the public radio network to fire the former state Senator, who is set to rake in $150,000 per year.

GPB tapped Rogers, who stepped down from his upper chamber position in December, for the executive producer position, which would allow him to “create programming that will aggregate job opportunities, job growth areas and career counseling.” Critics, including Better Georgia, have likened the position to a “taxpayer-funded golden parachute.”

A source who asked not to be identified forwarded Pendley’s resignation letter to CL, which was originally sent to president and executive director Teya Ryan. You can read the full letter after the jump: