Syracuse newspaper encourages Final Four travelers to embrace a ‘different culture’ in mysterious Atlanta

Embrace us, Yankees?


The Syracuse-Post Standard published an Atlanta guide yesterday for Final Four attendees headed down to support the Syracuse University men’s basketball team.

In a 1,400-word guide, Post Standard staffer Katrina Tulloch offers some run-of-the mill travel tips to Syracusans including hotel, parking, and transit advice. She then attempts to describe the state and the city.

“Georgia isn’t a whole other country, but there is definitely a different culture to embrace,” writes Tulloch. “Welcome it with open arms or risk being That Rude Yankee in Atlanta. And by the way, hardly anyone actually calls the city Atlanta.”

It’s one thing to draw on the ATL’s stereotypes as a writer from afar. But then she goes off the wall with her description of “A-Town,” adding that: