City Council candidate discovers he’s running in wrong district

Jon Jones plans to pursue City Hall dream regardless with bid to unseat Archibong


  • Courtesy Jon Jones

Remember Jon Jones, the challenger running against Atlanta City Councilman Kwanza Hall on a direct democracy platform? Well, he recently found out that, starting next year, he won’t technically be considered a resident of Hall’s district.

According to the city’s new political maps that take effect in 2014, Jones is actually a resident of District 5. That means he will now face off against Councilwoman Natalyn Archibong and fellow candidate Matt Rinker.”I have successfully amended all of the required legal paperwork, and updated my campaign website to reflect my run for District 5’s seat instead,” Jones tells CL.

The 26-year-old pricing analyst, unfazed by “shifting lines on a city map,” says he remains confident and will continue to push a direct democracy platform. Last year, he developed the Atlanta Direct Democracy Interface, a website that he says combines elements of Wikipedia and Reddit and will allow constituents to vote on city proposals.

“My goal of creating a direct democracy still stands,” Jones says. “I am unwavering in my mission to drastically improve the level of communication and transparency between elected representatives and their constituents, and to create a vote-counting system that holds council members accountable to the will of the people.”

To reflect his campaign changes, Jones will adopt a new ‘Jon Jone5’ logo and sell a new line of swag. Campaign in style, District 5.