Atlanta Gay Men's Chorus: Singing out Proud


  • Alyssa Pointer
  • The Atlanta Gay Men's Chorus performs at Glenn Memorial Auditorium.

The Atlanta Gay Men's Chorus performed their summer show, Singing out Proud; From ABBA to Gaga at Glenn Memorial Auditorium at Emory University. The summer show was held on the weekend of the 44th Anniversary of the Stonewall Riots. The choir premiered selections from Andrew Lippa's I am Harvey Milk, an oratorio based on the life of Harvey Milk. The second act had audience members laughing and singing along as the choir performed songs that paid homage to the divas that wrote music to uplift them. "Y.M.C.A.," "Macho Man," "Like a Prayer," and "Born This Way" were sung that night along with many others. Immediately following the show, a group of distinguished individuals sat down to talk with audience members about the legacy of Harvey Milk and what Milk might say if he were still alive.

More scenes from the show here

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