Yo Big Boi, what up with Morris Brown, bruh?

A Reddit AMA draws a desperate question from a fan over the future of the troubled school


  • YouTube/OutKast, “Morris Brown”
  • Big Boi in the 2006 video for “Morris Brown”

In case you missed Big Boi’s Reddit AMA a couple of days ago, it’s a gem. Rolling Stone has already rounded up its top 10 outtakes, including Big’s untold Tupac story, his shattered fantasy of being a Falcons’ walk-on, his Waffle House fetish, and the meaning behind “SpottieOttieDopalicious” - which, if you’re a real fan, you should already know. Duhhh.

But there are plenty other off-hand gems to be scooped, including a question of concern from one fan, homeboy5925, regarding the state of Atlanta’s long-suffering historically black college, Morris Brown:

Mr. Boi,
When you gonna bring Morris Brown back man? That school just sittin there in shambles. Yall put em on with that one joint on Idlewild but I think the school was already bout gone by then. I went to Morehouse after Brown fell off and the AUC just didnt feel the same. Did you ever try to like, help them out? Can Morris Brown even be helped?

? ? ?
The redditor’s connection between two Atlanta institutions - one musical, the other educational - is almost as random as the one I made in a column penned last year after the school announced its intention to seek bankruptcy protection while restructuring its debt. The “joint” homeboy5925 refers to above is titled “Morris Brown,” the song featuring the school’s marching band, that appeared on the Idlewild soundtrack back in 2006.

It ended up being the last hurrah of sorts for both the school and ‘Kast - but that’s another story. As for the future of Morris Brown, Sir Lucious’ Reddit response to the former Morris Brown student speaks volumes:

Big Boi: I have no idea whats going on.

That answer pretty much encapsulates the drawn-out drama surrounding the future of the school, which in recent weeks has earned Mayor Kasim Reed and the Falcons serious land grab accusations - denied by the mayor’s office - from those who believe the city of Atlanta is masterminding a play on a portion of the school’s property to relocate Friendship Baptist Church and secure the Atlanta Falcons’ stadium deal. A bankruptcy judge has given Morris Brown’s board until Friday, Sept. 6 to present its plan to pay off $30 million in debt.

Probably safe to assume the school will need bigger pockets than Big’s on this one, homeboy5925.