Chip Rogers and GPB are apparently parting ways

But where will we get our news about Georgia’s stellar companies?


Chip Rogers, a former state senator who left elected office to take a six-figure position with Georgia Public Broadcasting, has reportedly been let go from his gig. We’ve heard, as has the AJC’s Greg Bluestein, that Rogers will no longer be blessing the airwaves with news about economic development in Georgia.

It’s unclear why Rogers, a one-time influential member of the Gold Dome’s upper chamber, has been dropped. We’ve reached out to him, multiple GPB spokespeople, and Gov. Nathan Deal’s office for comment.

Rogers’ arrival at GPB in January 2013 was marked with controversy and charges of cronyism. The appointment to the newly created position - at the time, the third highest paying at the state media outlet - came after the Cherokee County lawmaker generated headlines for hosting an Agenda 21 seminar at the Gold Dome, a failed motel venture, among other episodes. Some, however, argued Deal was dealing with a potential competitor by sending him to political Siberia, $150,000 paycheck in tow. Regardless, Rogers called the position, which paid him more than the governor, a “dream come true in many respects.”

Since arriving at GPB, Rogers has worked as the executive producer of “Georgia Works,” a newly-created 30-minute weekly program that covered economic development and employment trends. The former state senator once said the show backed the idea that “the American dream is alive and well in Georgia.” Daily blog posts touting Georgia companies or hiring announcements bear his byline.

Rogers’ hiring came at a time when the media outlet had laid off employees and replaced some staff positions with contract workers. One 15-year veteran producer resigned from the station in protest over what she called his “unconscionable” six-figure salary. The former legislator had at least one employee working underneath him to edit, book guests, screen calls, and update the blog.

At the same time he’s produced Georgia Works, Rogers has apparently been serving as vice president of government affairs for the Asian American Hotel Owners Association. Earlier this afternoon, CL called AAHOA’s offices and were told the former state lawmaker had been working for the organization, where he went into the office regularly, for “one year or more.” Here’s the AAHOA bio his very own biography, which omits his GPB tenure, that he uses for select speaking engagements.

Perhaps the GPB gig wasn’t going to last much longer. From a read of the budget that’s scheduled to kick in on July 1, provided that Deal signs the spending plan, funding for the radio program was reduced to zero and redirected elsewhere.