Creative Loafing honored with 2 spots on Atlanta Press Club’s Top 10 stories list

“Straight Outta Stankonia” and “Around the Clock at Waffle House” are among Atlanta’s favorite things

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The Atlanta Press Club announced today that two Creative Loafing stories have been selected as part of the professional organization’s Top 10 Favorite Stories of the last 50 years: 2014’s “Straight Outta Stankonia” by Rodney Carmichael, Gavin Godfrey, Christina Lee, and Dustin Chambers (photography) and 2010’s “Around the Clock at Waffle House” by Besha Rodell.?


Last summer, in honor of its 50th anniversary, the APC announced a shortlist of its 30 favorite stories of the last 50 years, based on the suggestions of local journalists. The list of 30, which included two CL stories, was put to the public to decide the Top 10. We urged you to vote, and you did. That’s part of what makes this such an honor — the fact that Atlantans had the final say. Creative Loafing is in good company. The Top 10 includes four AJC stories, and one each from Atlanta Magazine, WABE, Fox 5, and the Fulton County Daily Report. ?

From the APC:
???? From the elegant prose of the AJC’s legendary Ralph McGill to the interactive breadth of Creative Loafing’s musical profile “Straight Outta Stankonia,” the 10 top stories highlight a compelling range of dynamic journalism from the last 50 years in Atlanta media. After months of submission, screening and voting by press club members and the public, these selections from the Atlanta’s Favorite Stories competition received the top number of votes:? ??

•Who’s Out of Step in Atlanta, Eugene Patterson, The Atlanta Constitution, 1964
? •The Nobel Prize Reminds Us, Ralph McGill, The Atlanta Constitution, 1964
? •They’re Killing Our Children, Boyd Lewis, WABE, 1981
? •The Color of Money, Bill Dedman, The Atlanta Journal Constitution, 1988
? •When AIDS Comes Home, Michael Schwarz and Steve Sternberg, The Atlanta Journal Constitution, 1989
? •The Damage That Naming a Suspect Does, Ann Woolner, The Fulton County Daily Report, 1996
? •Why is Genarlow Wilson in Prison, Chandra Thomas Whitfield, Atlanta Magazine, 2006
? •The Fall of House Speaker Glenn Richardson, Dale Russell, FOX 5, 2009
? •Around the Clock at Waffle House, Besha Rodell, Creative Loafing, 2010
? •Straight Outta Stankonia, Rodney Carmichael, Gavin Godfrey and Christina Lee, Creative Loafing, 2014? ?

The Top 10 stories will be celebrated at a party at the Atlanta History Center Dec. 9. ?

I’ll leave you with a few words from an email by Senior Writer Rodney Carmichael sent earlier this year imploring everyone to vote because I think it sums up pretty well the love we have for Outkast, Atlanta, and the work we do here, which is what makes stories like these possible:?

“Do it for OutKast, who finally comes home today after CL waged a year-long campaign begging them to play Atlanta. Do it for all the former CLers who spent the last 42 years putting their blood, sweat and soul into this paper. Do it for the culture of Atlanta that we represent. Hell, do it to piss off the competition.?

Just do it.?

*steps off soap box*?

‘preciate y’all”??